ben hook


19|m|launceston, cornwall, uk.

web/software/game developer, electronic musician, sound designer.

currently studying at dBs Music for FdA Sound & Music Technology foundation degree.

11 years experience in web + software dev in xhtml, html5, css3, js, php,, sql, c#, c++, obj-c, as3, java.

4 years experience in electronic production using logic pro, cubase, fl studio, ableton live, reason, pro tools, reaktor, max/msp.


worked on various freelance web projects for several years, before starting work with The Drawing Board in 2010.

projects involved several areas of work including frontend/user interface design, backend development for maintainability by clients, database scripting and management, flash development, serverside applications.

current web projects are particularly focused on frontend interactivity, experimental design and new technologies.


developed specialised software solutions for various projects at The Drawing Board, including mobile/tablet applications and interactive games for touchscreens.

programming ability often aids music production work; developed various unique applications for optimising workflow and generating unique ideas.

currently building a small java application to record data for an audio quality perception test at college.


previously worked on several small games projects in flash, LUA, c++ and c#.

currently developing skills in various areas in order to realise a long-term concept that i have been developing over several years. potentially planning to form a small development studio.


<under construction>


designed graphics for most web projects and several music events. produced all graphics and artwork for n2 and bamh projects.


primary focus on experimentalism, developing unconventional sound design and composition techniques.

aim to combine the futuristic imagery of experimental electronic music with the powerful expressive capabilities of classical orchestration through digital multisampling and resynthesis.


primary project- mainly neurofunk style drum & bass and abstract experimental music. focus on precise engineering and pushing preconceived boundaries.

currently working on an experimental album/EP.


secondary project for ambient/soundtrack/classical style music. less focus on engineering and production and more on composition.

also working on an album under this project. will include remixes of until there is nothing left by lym and a_t.


contact through facebook or email.